Features Zumba Fitness Core
  • The first and only game designed to strengthen your core and sculpt your abs within a solid total body workout.
  • Dance to 40 new songs, including contagious Zumba® fitness originals and more smash hits from today’s hottest artists like Enrique Iglesias, Don Omar, Karmin, Sean Paul, Bob Marley, The Donnas, Kat DeLuna, Tiesto, Nayer featuring Pitbull and many more! Check out the full soundtrack.
  • Move to 30+ different dance styles as you play including new rhythms like Brazilian Funk, Jive, Disco, African and Polynesian.
  • New nutrition and lifestyle tips provide guidance on how to enhance your health, well-being and appearance.
  • Get your party on in 4 new locations for 8 total: Venetian Ballroom, Exotic Waterfall, Tiki Beach and Zumba® Stage Show.
  • Follow along as 6 superstar Zumba® instructors guide you through each routine: Beto, Tanya Beardsley, Gina Grant and Kass Martin, plus new additions Loretta Bates and Nicholas Logrea.
  • Dance hands-free with the included Zumba® Fitness belt that lets players holster their Wii Remote. Dance naturally hands-free with Kinect technology that enables full body motion tracking for an unencumbered interactive workout.
  • Create your own Core class, master three different game modes and customize your own workout.
  • Unlock cool new video rewards as you play so you can get to know Zumba’s superstar instructors.
  • Accessible gameplay features Low, Medium and High Intensity routines tiered for all skill levels plus a full Tutorial mode.
  • Two player support on Kinect and four player support on Wii lets you party together with friends and family members.

Kinect Version Exclusive Features

  • New fitness features let you set personal and shared community goals.
  • Voice control for Kinect menu navigation gets you dancing even faster.
  • In game class locator lets you find a live Zumba® class near you.
  • Online Zumba® news feature keeps you up-to-date on brand information, community events and promotions.
  • Earn achievements as you play and extra videos exclusive to the Kinect game.
  • Per limb feedback in Tutorial mode.